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Ogam Jacquard Weavers Limited

Richard Evans started as an apprentice in the textile industry in 1986. At just 16 years old Richard went to work in the mill, at Holme Valley Craft Weavers, in Huddersfield. It wasn’t his first choice as Richard wanted to be a mine disposal diver in the Royal Navy! Not too different…

Working in the mill Richard was a young whipper snapper that was an amusing target for the more mature weavers (things were very different to what it is now). It was all good grounding for Richard who assisted the knotters, experienced pern winding, cone winding, reaching in, card cutting, not to mention the jobs of emptying bins, butty run and sweeping up and all for just £27.50 for a 40 hour week.

At 18, Richard went to work for John Holt at Ogam based in Morley, Leeds. When he was painting walls, laying concrete floors, knocking down walls, little did he know he was destined to become a Mill Owner!

Richard started as an apprentice pattern weaver and became a business partner in 1999. Richard worked together with John until he retired in December 2013. Richard bought the business and became Director of Ogam Jacquard Weavers Limited.

It may only be a small mill but Ogam certainly makes use of its 4000 square foot, it is home to:-
  • 2 Dornier Rapier Looms with Jacquards (mechanical tops)
  • Suzuki Warping Machine (7 metres)
  • Measured Winder
  • Knotting Machine
  • Card Cutter
  • Yarn holding facilities / storage

Business goes from strength to strength and Richard now employs Ian and his son Jordan.

yarn reel
warping machine